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Weekly Astrology: July 11-17

Mercury in Cancer

Mercury is continuing to be quite active at the start of this week. On Monday, it moves into emotional Cancer, where it will remain for a little over two weeks.

Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, and curiosity. Cancer is very emotional, nurturing, and compassionate. When Mercury enters Cancer, we may feel extra creative and inspired to pour our souls into our work and projects. 

Be careful not to become too apathetic or discouraged. Sometimes too much inspiration and creativity can cause paralysis, especially if you’re a perfectionist (which can be quite detrimental in its own right).

To counter this, show yourself some grace and compassion, and dive into your creative projects with a willingness to learn along the way. 

Mercury Trine Jupiter

Next, Mercury will trine with Jupiter, the planet of abundance and boundless joy. Patience is being rewarded with this alignment. Hard work is paying off, and lessons are finally sinking in.

You’ll probably be feeling quite optimistic to start the week–really soak it up! Don’t be surprised if you receive some good news that results in abundance for you in some way. 

Venus Conjunct Mars

Mid-week, the energy begins to shift. Venus, the planet of love and seduction, will conjunct Mars, the planet of aggression and motivation. These two planets are referred to as the “cosmic lovers,” and this alignment is considered to be quite rare.

It will bring a nice union of yin/yang energies. You’ll likely feel an inner balance of watery and fiery energy (meaning a balance of emotional and logical energies).

During this conjunction, there’s a good chance you’ll have a new, significant encounter of some kind. This could be with a person or an animal. Don’t go looking for anything, just allow your paths to cross naturally. But do be aware of the possibility so you don’t miss its message. 

This is a good time to reflect on your romantic life. If you have a partner, think about how you can bring in more passion into your relationship. If you don’t have a partner and want to manifest love, now is a great time to send those vibes out into the world. If you don’t have a partner and aren’t looking for one, direct that love-energy towards your relationship with yourself. 

Mercury in Cancer, Mercury trine Jupiter, Venus conjunct Mars, Chiron retrograde, and first quarter moon. Creativity & healing energies are strong this week!

Chiron Retrograde

Chiron, the asteroid known as the Wounded Healer, is going retrograde on July 15th until December 19th. During this long retrograde, you’ll be guided to reflect on old wounds and traumas that are probably still impacting your life today.

Any grudges you’ve been reluctant to deal with are going to be forced to the surface so you can finally let go and forgive. 

If you are having a hard time with forgiveness, please read this blog post. It is imperative that we learn to forgive, and this post will explain why. Chiron retrograde wants you to forgive yourself and others. 

It’s not about being perfectly healed and never thinking about the past pain ever again. It’s about seeing the blessings that are disguised as conflicts. They are helping us to become stronger and more well-rounded.

Alleviating resentment is so important–find a way to cope during Chiron retrograde and you will feel so much lighter by the end of it. 

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First Quarter Moon

And finally, on Saturday July 17th is the first quarter moon phase. We’re ending the week strong with even more creative energy. We’ll definitely be feeling motivated to work towards our goals. Especially in the realm of our careers and financial abundance. We’ll likely even see slivers of success that will help us feel determined.

The creative muse will definitely be visiting you this week. And when they arrive, welcome them with open arms! Perhaps you will be inspired to work on a creative outlet that will help you overcome old pain from the past.


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