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Weekly Astrology: July 18-24


This week starts off relatively quiet. No new major planetary shifts or alignments. Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron are all already in retrograde. From our point of view on Earth, these celestial bodies are appearing to be moving backwards in the sky. 

Retrogrades are all about revisiting, rethinking, reconsidering, and relearning.

When a planet goes retrograde, we are being guided to double-check the area of our lives that planet represents. Whatever zodiac sign the planet is in also gives us a hint as to what we need to be revisiting. 

You can see our recent astrology forecasts to learn more about each individual retrograde happening right now. But overall, with these planets in retrograde, we’re probably going to be questioning a lot of the decisions we have made this year so far. 

We may be questioning what it is that actually brings us fulfillment and what we actually want to spend our lives doing. The foundations we have built may not seem as stable as they once were.

It’s time to reflect on those foundations, and think about how we can reinforce them. Or tear them down and start over, if that is a better solution.

What old baggage and thought patterns are we still hauling around with us? How are they preventing us from stepping into new ways of being? If we pull back the curtain of the subconscious mind, what do we find? What illusions are shielding the true nature of things, places, and people?

After an easy start to the week, we’re going to be hit with a bunch of new energy three days in a row. Woo! 

Venus in Virgo

On July 21, charming Venus will move into practical Virgo, where it will remain until August 16. Venus rules over our love lives and romantic relationships. While in Virgo, Venus is feeling much more reserved than normal. 

This sign isn’t Venus’ favorite place to be, especially after having a run-in with its cosmic lover Mars last week. But, Virgo loves commitments. We might be feeling a bit picky about who we let into our hearts during this time. We’re probably not going to be feeling overly affectionate, either (physically speaking). 

Virgo doesn’t usually like all the bells and whistles. But Venus wants to cultivate beautiful relationships that are meaningful. Dedicate this energy into making your most important relationships really strong and stable in a way that’s realistic. 

Sun in Leo

On July 22, Leo season begins! The Sun moves out of emotional Cancer and into confident Leo. This is such a vibrant time of year. After focusing on our home lives in July, it’s time we burst through the door and explore the world in August. 

Leo is so feisty and clever. You’re likely bursting at the seams with creativity and confidence! There’s this strong urge to let the whole world you’re large and in charge. If not, let down your hair and hold your head up high–literally. Because your posture plays a big role in your self confidence. 

Leo wants to have fun and play! Summer Fun In The Sun is Leo’s catchphrase. Have fun just for the sake of feeling good and living in the moment. Take some time off over the next four weeks with no plans or goals. Really embrace the spontaneity of Leo season. 

Because Leo has strong leadership qualities, we’re all being guided this month to create what we want to create, not what we’re being told to create. Remember the famous proverb: be the change you wish to see in the world. Tell the story you want to hear. Create the thing you wish existed. 

Pick up your weapon of choice–a pen, a paint brush, a garden shovel, a spatula, a hammer, an instrument, a costume–and create whatever art is in your heart.

Aquarius Full Moon

On July 23, we have our first of two Aquarius Full Moons in a row. That means there’s a central theme of humanitarianism that we’re meant to explore over the next two months. 

Because Full Moons are about releasing what no longer serves us, and Aquarius is all about serving the general public. So it’s time to release old societal paradigms that don’t have a place in the New Earth. We’ll get the opportunity to do this twice with these two Aquarius Full Moons in a row. 

How can we better serve our communities? What concepts can be let go, reshaped, or built upon to make the world a better place for every living being?

On a personal level, it’s important we keep up with the changes happening in the world so we can best serve our communities and humanity as a whole. We can use this combination of Aquarian Full Moon energy and Leo energy to lead by example. 

We’ll likely feel this strong “I want to change the world” energy all weekend long. Now would be a great time to volunteer at, raise awareness of, or donate to a cause you are passionate about. Over the past year and a half, there have been massive pushes for huge changes to happen in our societies. Be part of the movement!


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