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Weekly Astrology: July 25-31

Lingering Full Moon Energy

To start the week off, we’ll likely still be feeling the effects of last week’s Aquarius Full Moon. Full Moon energy sticks around for several days, so don’t be surprised if you’re still feeling those slightly sluggish energies, and an urge to contribute to your community. 

If you need an Aquarian refresher, listen to last week’s astrology forecast for July 18-24!

These feelings should wear off by Tuesday, but it would be wise to remember what came up for you during this time. Next month’s Full Moon is in Aquarius again, so these themes will probably repeat. 

Other than that, the first few days of the week do not have any major planetary shifts. Leo season has just begun, so once you’ve shaken off the Full Moon fog, be sure to spend some time in your creative flow. 

Mercury Enters Leo

You might as well get comfortable with vivacious Leo energy, because there’s a good amount of it! On July 27, messenger Mercury is moving into fiery Leo. This is tons of spicy, vibrant energy and if you’re not used to it, it might be overwhelming or foreign. 

If that feels like you, no need to stress out or repress it. Take it one day at a time, giving yourself permission to take up more space with your own creativity and personality. 

Mercury in Leo makes us feel very confident in our opinions and passions. We might catch ourselves speaking out much more than normal, in an articulate and captivating kind of way. 

Now is a great time for the spoken or written word, especially if we are speaking or writing about our most important values. 

And if you’re not feeling inspired to write or speak your values, consider other creative avenues of communicating your important message. Will you paint, play music, dress up, organize an event, or something else?

Because your message is important, and the world needs to hear it. But only you can deliver your message. Mercury in Leo will help you do just that, in a way that’s both creatively fulfilling and confidence boosting. 

On today’s show, we’re going to break down the entire traditional tarot deck. We’ll talk about the differences between the major and minor arcanas, as well as the meaning of each of the four suits. This is the perfect foundation for our total tarot series--in which we go through the meaning of each tarot card one by one.

Jupiter Retrogrades in Aquarius

Jupiter, the planet of abundant joy, is still in retrograde until mid-October. On July 28, it will move back into rebellious Aquarius, where it has already been this year and where it will remain for quite a while longer. 

Jupiter is usually wearing rose-colored glasses. But during its retrograde, it takes those glasses off for the sake of filtering out anything overly idealistic. Aquarius wants to express its uniqueness. Through the lens of Jupiter retrograde, Aquarian energy might feel stale. 

Aquarius knows its joy comes from making the world a better place, but it questions its own methods. Has this been done before? Did it work? What societal patterns have repeated too many times?

Jupiter is the forever-optimist–always abundant, expanding, and embracing possibilities. Every optimist can benefit from being reeled in from time to time, just so that they don’t lose sight of the practical and logical things in life. 

Allow changes in your perspective to happen from now. Ultimately, these changes will allow you to up-level your life, spirituality, and societal values. How do we fit or not fit into society? 

Mars Enters Virgo

On July 29, determined Mars enters obsessive Virgo. This alignment has the potential to push us hard and fast towards our goals. It also has the potential to encourage impulsive action that could obscure our views of the finish line. 

Virgo is quite analytical and logical. It loves seeing things through to the end–some say it’s because it’s obsessed, others say it’s passionate. Mars energy comes alive when we take action, and it wants to take action immediately. The second there’s a fresh idea for a new project, Mars is diving in headfirst. 

To use these energies to your advantage, keep your biggest goal at the forefront of your mind and take big steps towards it. When a new idea comes up and it doesn’t directly contribute to your big goal, put a pin in it for later. Use Virgo’s organized energy to file it away and save it for when you have more time. 

Last Quarter Moon Taurus

We’re ending the week, and the month, with the last quarter moon in Taurus. On July 31, the moon will appear to be half-full in the sky. It’s growing closer to the New Moon, so during this phase we’re guided to forgive and let go of expectations. 

With Taurus energy being thrown in there, we’re also feeling stubborn. So we might not want to forgive and let go, but that resistance isn’t doing anyone any favors. Taurus is prone to grudges because they will not budge on their opinions. However, this mindset can quickly become toxic. Forgiveness brings us internal peace, and Taurus craves that even when they’re refusing to change. 

Taurus is also very patient, so it might be easy to think that if we just wait it out a little longer, things will change. But how long have we already been waiting, and what exactly are we waiting for? Are we standing in our own way? 

Use Taurus’ grounded energy to look at your situation head-on and decipher what’s actually worth waiting for, and what you’re better off without. 


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