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Weekly Astrology: July 4-10

Neptune Retrograde Meaning

Neptune is in retrograde until December. This is our chance to take a step back and pay attention to what’s happening behind the scenes. Our subconscious mind is about to reveal parts of ourselves that have been lurking in the shadows for too long.

Neptune loves illusions and during its annual retrograde, these illusions will be shattered. Blind spots will be uncovered. And when this happens, embrace it. Get creative on how to integrate these changes into your life. 

Specifically this week, it’s important to rethink the old stories we’ve been telling ourselves. Allow yourself some flexibility when it comes to changing how you think and the words you say in your head.

Neptune retrograde, new moon in Cancer, strong Mercury energy, active Venus. This week is all about finding security in your home, finances, and close relationships.

It might feel uncomfortable at first, but all thought patterns can and should evolve to improve our lives. Your way is not always the best way. Be open to new ways and paths. 

The areas of life that are highlighted this week are home, finance, and career. The Sun will sextile Uranus, bringing ease to our home life. Any tension you may have been feeling at home is ready to be released, but probably in a way you are not expecting.

Mercury is squaring Neptune this week, which might bring up some confusion and doubt. To counter this, stay clear in your communication with your loved ones–pull back the curtain on your relationships for the sake of improvement. 

Venus Astrology Meaning

Venus is quite active this week. The planet of love! It will oppose strict Saturn first, which is likely to manifest as a rejection that will cause hurt feelings. Then, Venus will square Uranus, bringing more light to areas of our home life that might be upsetting. 

Communicative Mercury enters emotional Cancer at the end of this week, so expect things to become extra sappy and sentimental. Just roll with it! Allow yourself to feel affectionate, especially after any rejections brought on by Venus opposing Saturn. 

This week is all about changing securities. Time to get your finances in order and consider new investments. But before you do, thoroughly read through every bit of information and let go of expectations of what “should” happen. Especially in relationships where your finances are entangled. 

New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer on July 9th will most definitely show you what needs to be released. Something that’s holding you back from feeling secure in your emotional body.

There might be tension at home during this time, but avoid the temptation to be aggressive. Calmly and respectfully discuss your emotions openly. Set intentions around the home, finances, family, and emotional intelligence.


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