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Weekly Astrology: September 12-18, 2021

Astrology Forecast

Coming up in this week’s astrology forecast for September 12-18, we have the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius, Mars moving into Libra, the Sun opposing Rx Neptune, the Sun trining with Pluto, and Venus squaring Rx Saturn. Overall this energy is motivating, but there’s a risk of feeling stuck or deceived.

First Quarter Moon Sagittarius

The first quarter moon is growing bigger in the sky. We’re starting to cover some ground as we work towards the new moon intentions we recently sent.

Sagittarius loves this energy! There’s a tendency to deep dive into everything and become a master before moving onto the next thing. It can also be tactless and a bit rebellious, so it’s best to stick to your game plan to avoid falling down any distracting rabbit holes. 

We’re likely to feel very empowered and eager during this phase starting on September 13. Our enthusiasm is bubbling to the surface, so take advantage! You will become a master as long as you stay your course. 

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Mars in Libra

Action-oriented Mars is moving into indecisive Libra. This energy might cause some roadblocks. Mars is determined to move forward as fast as possible. And Libra is fine with it, once it figures out exactly what needs to happen.

While Mars is moving through Libra, it’s rather uncomfortable. It wants to be impulsive and free, but Libra brings all that to a halt while considering all there is to consider.

During this time, be careful not to be passive aggressive. Try not to sneak around, manipulate, or justify bad behavior. There’s this desire to find balance, but instead of manipulating situations, opt for compromising instead.

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Sun Opposite Rx Neptune

Neptune is the planet of deception. And the Sun represents our outward personalities. On September 13, we are susceptible to discouragement and insecurity. But these things aren’t based on anything concrete.

The ego is running wild with this transit, causing all kinds of doubt and unnecessary concern. To counteract this energy, retreat within and objectively reflect on yourself. 

How has the voice in your head been lying to you? And what is actually happening in reality? And, most importantly, how will you react to these things? 

Be very clear with your intentions and with your words today. Avoid the “gray” areas. Stick to the black and white, the yes or no, the up or down. This will help you avoid any potentially detrimental mistakes. 

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Sun Trine Pluto

Whenever a planet trines with Pluto, it manifests as a weight being lifted off our shoulders. Something related to ourselves, our personalities, and our outward egos is likely to disintegrate. And we won’t even miss it. 

On September 16, there’s a chance you’ll feel a surge of ambition and power. It will be easy to recognize how influential you are in your own life. And you’ll be curious to learn more about the deepest inner workings of yourself. 

Reject false facades you’ve created around your ego. Let go of expectations placed on you by society that don’t align with your values. It will be surprisingly easy to do this, and it will feel amazing afterwards. 

Venus Square Rx Saturn

Saturn is all about boundaries, careers, and life lessons. While Venus is much more fun-loving, romantic, and flirty. On September 17, we’ll probably be feeling more stressed about our love lives than we normally do. 

No two people in any kind of relationship are meant to be attached at the hip. Today is an excellent day to spend some time apart. A little distance can do wonders for the strength of your relationships. 

Alone time is important for everyone. At the same time, we don’t want to totally ignore the affections others want to give us (and vice versa). Take some time for yourself today, then reunite with your people and share your experiences with them. 


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