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Weekly Astrology: September 5-11

Weekly Astrology

Coming up in this week’s astrology forecast for September 5-11 is a lot of wonderful, harmonious energy! It will be such a reprieve from the many retrogrades we have going on right now. You can revisit last week’s astrology forecast for more insight on those retrogrades.

This week we have Venus moving into Scorpio, and Venus trining Pluto. We also have the Virgo New Moon, Mars Trine Pluto, Sun trine Rx Uranus, and Venus trine Rx Jupiter all on the same day! September 6 will be absolutely marvelous.

Venus Square Pluto

On September 5, relationship ruler Venus will square Pluto, the planet of rebirth. Square alignments encourage a lot of action-taking. And these two planets will encourage you to take action within your most important relationship.

You might be feeling insecure today, but do take the time to tell the most important people in your life how much you love and value them.

However, be careful not to control or smother them. It will probably come off as manipulative. If you’re feeling smothered yourself, resist the urge to blow up. calmly express your desire for breathing room in the relationship.

Explore the dynamics in the relationship if either of you are feeling insecure, and consider where those feelings stem from. How can you both work to improve the strength and stability of your connection?

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Virgo New Moon

As we talked about in a previous podcast episode, New Moons are all about new beginnings, resets, and the start of new cycles. Virgos love this energy! So a Virgo New Moon can feel very inspiring and motivating. Especially in areas of careers and health.

Organization is very important to Virgo. This might be a great time to declutter your workspace so you can be more efficient and effective. Also consider decluttering your work calendar so you can better focus on your most important projects.

Be on the lookout for new resources and new details that will help you achieve what you’re going for. Virgo is very practical and intelligent. Use this New Moon phase to hone in what you value the most in the physical sense (think home, finances, your health, your Earthly career, etc.)

Virgo also thrives on alone time. Loneliness doesn’t come easily. In fact, Virgo needs and craves quality time with just themselves. This is perfect for the New Moon because our intentions tend to center around our personal journeys rather than our connection with others.

Mars Trine Pluto

Lots of Pluto action this week! This trine alignment between Mras and Pluto on September 6 is very strong “GET IT DONE RIGHT NOW” energy. We’re likely to feel empowered, inspired, ambitious, and way more driven than usual. 

This is great for people stuck in a rut–but for those who are naturally ambitious and driven, it could be problematic.

Don’t push too hard. over exertion will not lead you to success any faster. learning to avoid burning out by resting when needed will. faster and harder doesn’t always automatically mean better. 

Be direct and assertive, but not rude or aggressive. This alignment can be very harmonious if we’re able to keep our head level. 

Sun Trine Rx Uranus

Also on September 6, the Sun will trine retrograde Uranus. Even though retrogrades tend to feel slow and heavy, this alignment will bring lots of lovely light energy. Plenty of positive and exciting change for all today!

Organize and deal with matters of your home, health, and work. Take steps to improve your health, even if you’re already feeling healthy. And if you’re already in the midst of improving your health, consider tweaking your routines.

You’ll probably be inclined to try something completely new with the intention of expressing your most authentic self. The extra confidence boost will likely guide you to show the world the most unique aspects of your personality. Show off your quirks!

Self discovery is the theme today. The Sun represents the personality that you show the world, Uranus presents us with revelations. And currently, Uranus is in Taurus retrograde.

So these revelations are likely to be something that grounds you. Something that takes you to the root of who you truly are. And you’ll likely be wondering why you never realized and expressed this part of yourself before.

Venus Trine Rx Jupiter

Individually, Venus and Jupiter has such beautiful energy! And trines bring out all the best qualities of the planets. Even with Jupiter being in retrograde, this lovely alignment will flood our lives with love, light, and laughter. 

Venus rules over our romantic relationships. This harmonious energy is likely to pure romance into your life, even if you don’t currently have a partner.

If you’re wanting to attract a partner, today will have you feeling quite optimistic about it. If you’re currently involved, your relationship will likely receive a huge romantic BOOST. 

Venus in Scorpio

Venus is moving into Scorpio on September 10, so there’s a lot of potential for dark and mysterious energy in our love lives. Scorpio has a tendancy to be straightforward, but can also have skeletons in the closet. Venus also likes to be secretive, but also craves self expression and commitments.

During the next few weeks as Venus moves through Scorpio, consider what is motivating yourself and others you’re involved with.

There are going to be some strong feelings (and likely strong conversations) towards things that are shared between you and others (finances, homes, intimacy, businesses, etc.). 

Beware of any potential manipulations and obsessions. Both from others, and also from yourself. Because of the mysterious nature of Scorpio, there might be hidden motives or agendas that can result in coercion. 


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