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When The Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work


Does the Law of Attraction Work?

A lot of the manifesting tips for the Law of Attraction being shared out there are the same. None of us are reinventing the wheel when it comes to manifesting techniques. We’re just experimenting to see what works for us. And a lot of people have similar results using similar techniques.

Things like journaling, meditating, energy healing, tarot reading, yoga, mindset work, affirmation work, shadow work, etc. All the practices that make up your spiritual journey, they all contribute to your ability to manifest mindfully. 

So what happens when none of that is working for you? You’re implementing all the manifesting tips and tricks you keep hearing about. Or you’re at least trying out a few to see what you like. You’ve had sessions with healers and coaches like myself, you’ve had ah-HA moments, yet your manifestation hasn’t arrived yet.

What’s up with this? Why isn’t the Law of Attraction working? We’ve all been there. Manifesting on purpose is a skill that takes a little bit of practice. If you clicked on this episode because the title resonated with you, then you’ve been Divinely guided to hear these words.

I’m hoping to bring you from discouraged to inspired on your manifesting journey during our time together today!

Manifesting Troubleshooting

Here’s the truth: The problem isn’t that the Law of Attraction “doesn’t work” for you. The problem is you do not yet know how to use the Law of Attraction in your favor.

I read a beautiful quote recently that I wanted to share with you that has become a mantra for me over the past few weeks: “By Divine design we are creators, and it is our birthright–indeed, our directive–to joyfully yield the power of the Universe.” – Jean Slatter, Hiring the Heavens.

This golden nugget of spiritual wisdom inspired this episode. The clarification that manifesting is both our birthright and our directive makes it feel so much more concrete to me. It’s grounding and esoteric at the same time. And it makes me happy when things overlap like that, with many layers to uncover.

If we’re human expressions of the Universe, and the Universe is the Source Of All, wouldn’t it just make sense that our goal in this life would be to rediscover that connection with Source? Because otherwise, why would the Universe even bother to express itself in so many lifeforms? Each unique life has a unique set of obstacles, karma and adversity to overcome.

How we, as expressions of the Universe, move through those blocks is ultimately what the Universe wants to experience. Along the way, we as souls acquire karma that must be played out, and that may or may not take many lifetimes. So the cycle of living and learning continues. All of this just makes perfect sense to me. Does it resonate with you too?

In the grandest way possible, every single soul has the ultimate purpose of rediscovering how they channel Source Energy to create magic in their lives, which creates magical ripples out into the lives of others.

The word we use to describe the magical act of channeling Source Energy for the sake of creation is “manifesting.” Because all things always come from Source Energy, we are always manifesting. That channel is always open.

Therefore, the Law of Attraction always works for everyone.

It just appears to not be working because a few things got disconnected or lost during the channeling.

I have three specific things I want to talk about if you’re feeling this way right now. The first one:

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There’s More Beyond the LOA

Always remember in the back of your mind that there are many laws at work in the Universe, not just the Law of Attraction. And there is always a level of karma involved in every life we live on this planet. Not to even mention the fact we all have free will. There are so many factors at play.

The wrong way to use the LOA is all by itself. Your manifesting efforts need to be part of a well rounded, consistent spiritual practice that goes beyond simple desires of the ego.

Deepak Chopra wrote a book called the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I think it illustrates perfectly how the Universe operates. Here’s a quick rundown of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success*

  1. Law of Pure Potentiality

The Source of everything (literally, EVERYTHING) is pure light consciousness. Meaning, everything is alive and actively seeks expression of its potential.

  1. Law of Giving

The catalyst to receiving is giving. Wealth and abundance circulate, sharing with everyone. The more you give, the more you receive.

  1. Law of Karma

Every decision and action will create an equal reaction that always finds its way back to us. What goes around comes around.

  1. Law of Least Effort

Nature never over exerts energy needlessly. Always choose the path that leads to harmony, which will result in effortless ease.

  1. Law of Intention and Desire

Your intentions and desires always carry all they need to manifest already within them. So if you plant the seed of intention, and your desire doesn’t become fulfilled, you trust that there is a greater reason why.

  1. Law of Detachment

Grants us freedom from suffering, because attachment feeds suffering. When we are free of suffering, we are free to receive.

  1. Law of Dharma

We all have a very specific and unique gift that serves humanity’s greater good. It is our honor, birthright, and directive to discover it.

If you want to learn more about these seven laws, the read this book. And by the way, I’m in no way suggesting that these are the all and only laws of the Universe. These are definitely the most prominent, and we all interpret them differently. My goal in sharing these with you is to help you realize that the Law of Attraction isn’t the only law that matters.

So the first thing to remember when you’re troubleshooting your manifesting is that there are many other factors and universal laws at play. Explore them, and you’ll understand the LOA better. 

Your meditation practice matters

Way more than you think it does. Do not skip this step! It’s your mediation experience that shows you exactly what is being said in your head repeatedly. And that’s one of the most important things to be aware of when mindfully manifesting.

Not only that, meditation is so damn good for your health that no one has any excuse not to do it. There are MANY studies supporting the importance of meditation. Including studies that show how meditation stops your brain from aging. The spiritual implications of this are huge!

Learning to be with just yourself and your breath is arguably the most valuable life skill we can develop. The ego puts up a damn good fight, but I need you not to give up. It’s imperative that you return to your meditation spot every single day. Keep at it, and you’ll get through the awkward beginning phases. Just beyond that is spiritual expansion you can’t even imagine.

So that’s number two. Plain and simple. Meditate every single day, for at least 10 minutes. Make it a priority for your health and your spirituality. This by itself has the power to transform your entire life, even without mindful manifesting.

We’re not islands

There are outside factors that influence us, including but not limited to astrological energies, various laws of the Universe, relationships, obligations, societal expectations, and institutions.

Manifesting isn’t selfish by any means, but it’s not just about us. Every time we tap into the power of Source, we are tapping into every single other lifeform that exists everywhere. So why do we try to make manifesting a solo activity?

Share your intentions, desires, goals, and manifestations with other people. Humans are social creatures, we need a support system around us in order to thrive.

Ask for and accept help when you need it. The Universe can use anyone to bring your manifestation. The Universe can even bring you people to be your support system so you can manifest even more.

That’s the third thing. Remember to involve other people in your manifesting. Not in a manipulative way of course, but allow for the connections you have with others aide in your manifesting when the Universe orchestrates it.

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