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Your Manifesting Masterplan


Manifest Your Life On Purpose

How come so many people are repulsed by any talk of manifesting or the Law of Attraction?

I have a hunch it involves LOA myths mixed with skepticism stemming from the lack of accurate information. 

I am on a mission to change the collective’s perception of the LOA. There’s a better way to manifest, and I am openly sharing it here. 

This podcast SPIRITUALLY INSPIRED is where you’ll get all the best and most reliable manifesting teachings, brought to you by someone with a successful manifesting track record, one that also includes success in showing others exactly how to manifest. 

I’m Sara Rae, I’m your manifesting coach, and I am here to help you create your manifesting masterplan rooted in REAL techniques that will actually help you MANIFEST. 

Composing and executing a manifesting masterplan is imperative because it will give you a crystal clear vision on your manifestation. As well as the action steps you need to take to get the ball rolling. 

BEFORE you begin manifesting the life of your dreams, traveling the world, building the perfect home, working the ideal job, and all that other magic….

You NEED to understand how to use the Law of Attraction the right way.

Break through your manifesting ceiling, again and again with a flexible manifesting roadmap tailored to your specific intentions, intuitive gifts, and healing journey.

How Do You Create A Manifesting Masterplan?

This podcast as a whole is the BEST place to start learning about manifesting mindfully and successfully. We take a spiritually-infused practical approach to manifesting that WORKS. 

But rather than trying to string together random tidbits of manifesting information, why not be systematic about it? 

The MANIFEST ON PURPOSE coaching program is where we create your unique manifesting masterplan using proven techniques and personalized strategies that suit YOUR spirituality. 

We’ll talk more about MOP in a bit, but first I want to give you that foundational knowledge I promised you.

Stop Wishing, Start Manifesting

After tons of trial and error, I’ve come to realize that we need harmony between the 4 PHASES OF MANIFESTING in order to manifest successfully.

  • Mindset Shifting
  • Intuitive Planning
  • Purposeful Action
  • Letting Go

This means, manifesting takes mindfulness. AND, that manifesting is a skill that anyone can learn. 

My approach to working with the Law of Attraction is not only practical, but rooted in spirituality and magic. 

I’ve taught dozens of spiritual women my gentle approach to manifesting, and they get incredible results, as well as the ability to continue to refine their manifesting skills. 

I want to give you the foundational knowledge you need to begin mindfully manifesting RIGHT NOW. 

We’re going back to complete basics. I want to encourage you to suspend all other information you may already have in your head about manifesting and the Law of Attraction. 

Let’s all start fresh. Let’s start with the very basics. And by the end of this video, you will understand what it actually takes to manifest miracles! 

No more wishing. Just mindful manifesting!

Law of Attraction in Detail

The Law of Attraction is what happens when the consciousness of the Universe responds to your personal energetic blueprint. 

In other words, the energy you’re radiating from your inner being outwards will attract ONLY what is a vibrational match for it. 


This is why wishing does nothing. 

If we carry that vibration of wishing, our energetic blueprint is only going to attract more of that wishing energy. 

Because it’s impossible for unlike energies to come into our lives, wishing for something different will not actually manifest anything different. 

This is a HUGE revelation. I find that 90% of the time, people simply need to realize that dwelling in the energy of desire only brings more desire. 

Real manifesting involves transforming your personal energetic blueprint from the inside out. 

Wishing is certainly a part of the process. But it’s barely the beginning! 

If you dwell in desire, you only get more energy that feels like desire.

That keeps your manifestation feeling far away and out of reach. 

But when you dwell in the energy of having/receiving/being, that’s what you get coming back to you. When your energetic blueprint changes, the Universe responds. 

And here’s the best part…for most people, the only thing they need to do to make this shift is change their affirmations, or the words they’re saying on repeat (both aloud and in their head). 

In fact, that was the first phase I listed right at the very beginning of this video. In order to manifest miracles, you have to SHIFT YOUR MINDSET. 

The words you’re saying out loud and in your head are what’s creating your reality. 

The more you repeat things, the further they sink into your subconscious. And your brain will ALWAYS work to reinforce what it subconsciously understands to be the truth. 

So, changing your mindset is the most powerful thing you can do to go from wishing to manifesting. 

Instead of saying “I wish to buy my dream house!” or “I will have my dream house,” simply change it to “I have my dream house right now!”

Change the words you speak, and you’ll start to notice how the world changes around you. 

Mindfully choose your affirmations so that they’re in alignment with what you want to manifest, minus the desire for it!

Manifesting Affirmations

  • I work the perfect job for me, I love going to work each day.
  • I am financially secure and abundant.
  • I am loved, respected, and cared for. 
  • My family is loving and generous. 
  • I am surrounded by friendly people with similar interests to me. 
  • I am open to receiving abundance from the Universe. 
  • Money flows to me easily and quickly. 
  • I am a mother. I am a father. My children are born at the exact right time. 
  • My work is fulfilling and supports my lifestyle.

And so on! This is foundational knowledge you need to start manifesting.

Shifting your mindset is the easiest shift you can make to actually manifest miracles. 

Your affirmations always need to be positive, present tense statements. 

What do you always catch yourself saying? Remove any negative words, or words that remove your manifestation from the present moment. 

All this to say….

Manifesting is NOT What You Think It Is

Manifesting sure has been glamourized in recent years, hasn’t it? 

All those stories of people simply thinking their way to a better life have created an incomplete understanding of manifesting. 

Wouldn’t it be grand if thinking was all it took to manifest your dream life?

Well, I hate to burst your manifesting bubble, but that’s only a quarter of the truth. Manifesting is NOT:

❌ Thinking about your dream life until it just shows up 

❌ Praying until the Universe gets around to responding 

❌ Demanding the Universe caters to your every whim

❌ Sending “good vibes” out “there” so you get “good vibes” back

❌ Ignoring and repressing tough emotions so you don’t “wreck” your manifesting

Your FREE Manifesting Bundle is available now! Get a manifesting masterclass, ebook, and 30 day Law of Attraction workbook when you sign up.

Trust me, if all it took was a long hard THINK about your dream life in order for it to become real, I’d be screaming that from the rooftops. 

There’s more to working with the Law of Attraction than just thinking. Or wishing. Or “good vibes.” 

Not much more, luckily! Manifesting is a learned skill anyone can cultivate with dedication and practice. They only need accurate information and personalized direction.

Manifest On Purpose


The private coaching + healing program that makes manifesting accessible and repeatable. 

Yup. I am going to teach you EXACTLY how to mindfully manifest on demand. And send you plenty of magical healing energies by way of crystal reiki. 

That way, we’re tackling the manifesting blocks from all angles. You get clarity on how manifesting actually works, along with tangible action steps intended to support your specific dreams. Then we use the healing power of crystal reiki to reinforce your inner transformation. 

The MANIFEST ON PURPOSE program is designed to teach you my exclusive manifesting system that you can tweak and repeat indefinitely. 

💖 Who is it for? 

Spiritual women who believe in the power of manifesting, and may have even experienced it firsthand in the past….

But are struggling to manifest their perfect dreams NOW. 

I’ve had clients change their entire lives in a matter of weeks. 

It doesn’t matter how different you want your life to be from what it is now. 

If you create your manifesting masterplan, stick to it, do the work, and receive the healing coaching, then you WILL experience shifts. 

MANIFEST ON PURPOSE is the exact plan you need to validate your manifesting abilities. And enrollment is opening in less than a week. 

🌙 Program Details! 

The framework for this private coaching program has been carefully curated over the past 12 months, improving after each client success story. 

And now, it’s grown into a thoughtful, flexible roadmap specifically designed with the needs of a modern spiritual woman in mind. 

Over the course of four weeks, I’ll take you through each of the four manifesting phases in an order that suits you best at the moment. We may spend a little more time in one phase than another, and it’s all part of the process. 

In case you forgot, the four phases of manifesting are:

➡ Mindset Shifting

➡ Intuitive Planning

➡ Purposeful Action

➡ Letting Go

I have a TON of tools to support you in each phase, the most prominent being my unique style of CRYSTAL REIKI that is infused into each session. 

This is the program where I teach you the lifelong skill of getting clients manifesting on purpose. Read: where you learn how to manifest anything you want, at any point in time.

Your manifestation is within your grasp. There’s only a few weeks of spiritual work separating you from it! Click here to sign up!


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